Who’s behind all this? Nina, Jop and Ida. Experimental eaters gifted with a knack for entrepreneurship. A trio on a mission, inviting you to see, taste and experience how good food can change your life. Eat the change you want to see.

As culinary explorers we’re always on the hunt for new ground. Is there anything you’d like to show or share with us? Know you can find us at info@ilovesla.com. If you like to work for us mail your resume, photo and motivation letter to work@ilovesla.com.

NOTE: At SLA we don’t accept reservations and only accept PIN or creditcards (Mastercard/VISA)

Ceintuurbaan 149, 1072 GB, Amsterdam
Opening hours Monday-Sunday: 11:00-21:00
Westerstraat 34, 1015 MK, Amsterdam
Opening hours Monday-Sunday: 11:00-21:00